Yocan Coil Cap (5pcs)


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Replacement Coils for the Yocan Evolve PLUS Wax Pen series of vape pens. The coils are available individually or as a 5-Pack and do not come with coil caps, although you can purchase them separately.  You can choose the standard Dual Quartz Rod coil that the kits come with.  You can also choose the Ceramic Donut coil if you prefer a gentler heat. 

The Quartz Elite coil is a great option if you prefer a harder hitting coil. 

If you have the Arsenal Tool Edition or Zeus wax pen, you can use any of the previous coils without a coil cap, or you can choose the capless Arsenal Tool Edition Dual Quartz Rod coil.

In The Box:
Evolve PLUS Wax Pen Replacement Coil(s) or Coil Cap(s)

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