Wotofo Dual Core Fused Clapton Prebuilt Coils



Product Details

The Wotofo Dual Core Fused Clapton Coils offer vapers the ability to enjoy precision wrapped wires while eliminating the hassle of having to build the coils themselves. The Dual Core Fused Clapton Coils provide excellent flavor intensity and great vapor production. Dual Fused Clapton coils have a quicker ramp up time because they are made of thinner gauge wire tightly wrapped around a thicker gauge wire. These coils tend to offer more flavor due to the coil’s increased surface area, heating up and vaporizing more ejuice.


  • Dual Core Fused Clapton Coils 0.62ohm
  • Material: N80
  • Resistance 0.62ohm
  • Inner Core: 28Gx2
  • Outer Wire: 38G
  • Internal Diameter: 3mm


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