STLTH - Watermelon Mint



Product Details

STLTH Watermelon Mint is intensely refreshing and invigorating, with a juicy mouthwatering melon flavour with a cool minty exhale.

STLTH Pods Watermelon Mint vape juice are available in packs of 3, prefilled by the manufacturer, compatible and designed specifically for the STLTH Vape Pod Device. Watermelon Mint by STLTH comes in two nicotine strengths 0mg/ml (nicotine free), 20mg/ml (Bold35, Bold50).

Introducing Bold35 and Bold50 is a unique hybrid nicotine blend optimized for the STLTH system with a stronger throat hit to replace the satisfaction of the original 35mg & 50mg salts, using only 20mg of nicotine.

Any disposable/pods over 2ml and 20mg, are for out of BC province sales.

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