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Product Details

Tidal power reminder, upgrade labyrinth to prevent leakage, TYPE-C interface positive and negative fast charging, ergonomic and comfortable cigarette holder design.

The unique 4-bar scale power light design on the body can display the remaining power and charging progress at any time, so as to relieve the user's anxiety about the unknown power. At the same time, technological breakthroughs have been achieved in charging speed, battery capacity, oil leakage prevention technology, material technology, etc., and a 4-bar LED scale power indicator has been designed on the fuselage.

When the user puffs, or inserts the atomizing bomb into the atomizing rod, the power lights turn on in sequence, and the tidal dynamic effect shows the remaining power of the product.

When the product is charging, the power light also allows users to intuitively understand the charging status and how long it will take to charge at a glance. In terms of power, the type-C standard interface is used for input. Compared with RELX's first-generation products, the battery capacity of the new product is increased by 9%, and the charging efficiency is increased by 31%.

The original design of the tidal power light is to focus on solving the user's anxiety about the unknown power. If the lighting effect is too fast, it will imply urgency and anxiety; if it is too slow, it will give people a psychological feeling of lack of motivation and insensitive response.

The innovative design of the independent pressure relief hole at the bottom of the atomizing rod can balance the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the atomizing rod, greatly eliminate the risk of self-starting, and take into account the sensitivity and safety of the product, killing two birds with one stone.

Tidal power light, comfortable light effect, labyrinth airway upgrade, stable airflow, elimination of self-starting, anti-dust accumulation, increased battery capacity, increased charging speed, better feel, and more reliable quality.

The lamp socket of the tidal power lamp is sealed with UV glue, so that the electrostatically adsorbed dust cannot enter the interior of the fuselage, reducing the impact on the working environment of the components, and improving the service life of the atomizing rod


  • Battery: 380mAh Internal Battery
  • Pod Capacity: 1.9mL pre-filled (sold seperately)
  • Output Power: 10W – 15W

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