Coil Master 314


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The Coil Master 314 Clapton Maker is a revolutionary automated coiling jig tool, purposefully built to easily create consistent Clapton coils or in other types of exotic configurations. Powered by a single 18650 (sold separately), the 314 Clapton Maker is activated and used with an on/off switch located at the bottom of the coil jig to activate the set-ups. Included within each system are four wire chucks that allows for accurate and unique coil wrapping when utilized effectively. Operation is started by inserting your core wire to both sides of the jig with your desired wire chucks configurations. Afterwards, you can use the wire guide to feed your outer wire by inserting it on one side of the jig, and then activate the switch while holding the wire guide to simplify the wire-making process while providing consistent and accurate results every time. It is intended to wrap twisted and Clapton coil configurations, utilized for beginners or advanced builders. The ultimate innovation in coil jig systems, the Coil Master 314 Clapton Maker is the premiere accessory for building enthusiasts.

314 Clapton Maker Features:

  • Single 18650 Rechargeable Battery - Not Included
  • Power Motor to Spin Wires
  • Two-Way Selector - Off, Activation Mode
  • Four Wire Chucks 
  • One Wire Guide
  • Consistent and Accurate


  • 1 314 Clapton Maker Jig
  • 1 Wire Guide
  • 4 Wire Chucks

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